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Hmwe's premium danpauk

( Myanmar Biryani Rice)

Our first and foremost favorite food since 2008. Our Danpauk is so delicious that not only loved by Myanmar people, but also all other nationalities who tried also love it so much. We highly recommend our Danpauk for all your events and occasions, and all your guests will happy for delicious and fine food.

hmwe's premium htaw pat htamin

( Butter Rice )

Htaw Pat Htamin, (can be translated as Butter Rice) is seconded in our main menu since 2010. Hmwe's Premium Htaw Pat Htamin is so unique that many elderly Myanmar even commented they have never tried such a fine Htaw Pat Htamin in their whole life. 

Hmwe's premium ohn htamin

(Coconut Rice )

Ohn Htamin (Coconut Rice) is one of the famous food in Myanmar. In recent years, the Ohn Htamin have taken the back seat due to health concern regarding coconut milk that used to cook the rice. But our Ohn Htamin (Coconut Rice) is healthy choice also because we only use very moderate amount of Coconut milk to cook it. The delicious taste not come from coconut milk, but it is achieved by the unique cooking technique that we used.

Hmwe's premium Thet-thet-lut danpauk / htaw pat htamin / ohn htamin

It is the Vegetarian version of Danpauk, Htaw Pat Htamin and Ohn Htamin. The rich taste of the beans and nuts make the vegetarian versions are comparable the meat version.

Yangon Kitchen (Head Office and Central Kitchen) 
Blk 22 Defu Lane 10, #01-258 Singapore 539203

Yangon Kitchen (Myanmar) will start around end 2013.
Please inform your friends and relatives to have enjoy good and fine Danpauk in Myanmar too.
Myanmar Contact for inquiry : 931092547, 973150881

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Ma Hmwe ( Cynthia Zheng XM) 94571775

U Kyaw Soe ( Jack You JW) 91599146

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